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The Filmmaker’s Ultimate Guide to Video and Film Distribution

Video and Film Distribution

Upon the completion of your film, the next challenge to tackle is distribution. Your distribution would lead you to your audience and generate revenue. Here are some ways to distribute your film and make your endeavor a success.

Fim festivals

On the top of the list, upon the completion of your film, are the film festivals. Film festivals provide great exposure to the movie while building buzz and finding new buyers. Consider it a fantastic networking opportunity. You can meet many other people in the business and get your film forward. Since the submission fees are hefty, it is recommended to be selective in your applications.


Submit your films are the awards to generate buzz around your movie and to allow it to garner some credibility.

Television and Netflix broadcast

Distributing your masterpiece to the television and OTT platforms will indeed generate you great profit. You may work alone or as a distributor sales agent if you find that your film has good potential.

Theatre release

Theatre release

It is one of the ultimate undertakings for any filmmaker to have a theatre release. Though this option is mainly reserved for the top movies, there is another option for the hustling filmmakers to display their films on the big screen. It is to rent a theatre. Though it is expensive, it would be a fruitful experience if you feel that your film can move people. Otherwise, there are also small art theatres where you can screen your movie for the audience to enjoy.


The Internet has proved itself to be a boon for filmmakers and has completely shifted the landscape of film distribution. You may simply upload the movie on Youtube or Vimeo and start sharing the trailer. You can start with sending the link to your friends and family through email and sharing it further on your social media. To make money online, Video on Demand, though it requires intense marketing, it is a great option to lead your audience to your video.

Marketing and PR

The next step would be to chart a strategy to spread the word about the movie. Through websites, blogs, and other social media platforms, you can get the word out about your project. If you have some extra budget, you may also spend on paid advertising to get the job done.

DVD distribution

It may come as a surprise, but many still prefer DVDs. You can either make an exclusive deal or self-distribute. There are many channels through which one can sell their DVDs. Amazon is a great option.

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