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Top filmmaking basics every beginner needs to know


We all appreciate the actors for their work after watching a movie but never the people who work for the process. Here are some of the things which go behind the screen which leave the audience stunned.

Planning Before Execution

Everything starts in someone’s head, including a movie. An idea comes into your head, well, that’s easy. What comes later is what will turn your world upside down. You’ve to turn your vision into words, yes, the script. After the hand, you’ll have to imagine your characters and find your crew. This is the stage where you plan everything and anything from the crew’s outfits to camera angles. If you think you’ll figure something out during the making, you’re wrong.

Plan Everything


This is a tremendous start.

Here is the list of things you’ll need to be ready with.

  1. Idea
  2. Script
  3. Crew
  4. Locations
  5. Stylists
  6. Plan of the process
  7. Schedule of the shots

Execution Time

If you did everything right in stage one, this stage is going to flow smoothly. The critical part is the shots. Everything needs to go as planned. Only then will you be ready for the images. This is the dream part of filmmaking. You see your dream almost prepared to be life. If you want your vision to be perfect, you’ll have to go hand in hand with the characters of your imagination. Make sure the crew is as excellent as your dream and nothing less. You’ll have to stay on schedule and get everything right within the time. Or else you’ll lose the crew if nothing goes as said or scheduled before. The key is to stick to your plan, no matter what. Or have a plan B if plan A doesn’t work. It happens with everyone except they don’t have another way on their maps. We will. Here’s an idea for our different route, shoot your scenes multiple times from multiple camera angles and other locations. This will help you during production and give you various options of the same settings while editing.


The least favorite part of filmmaking but also is the most important one. This is how your audience will see your dream, and they’ll be the ones to decide if it’s lively or not.

There are many things which are to be done right. The audio editing, scene selection, designing, mixing, whatnot. Know your audience and work accordingly. It is not that bad but just anxious work as this will be the final touch you can do to make your dream come true. So do it right. Take your time. Try differently and find which one looks best.



Anyone can create something but what matters is how one describes it to others and convinces them that it will be worth their while. You need to sell it right. Only then will the people buy it. We always have heard that movies sell themselves. No, they don’t. You need to step into the market and sell it. Or maybe even ask the actors for a bit of help. No one will be interested in knowing how many sleepless nights you spent preparing, but the audience will surely be up for some drama in the actor’s life. So be it. As said earlier, know your audience and work accordingly.These five concepts are more to explore. Read more and find out.

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